Roofing Surcharge Notice



With the cost of lumber skyrocketing over the past year, Consolidated Roofing can no longer absorb the cost of 2X4’s used to safely deliver and load shingles onto your job sites. These costs have more than tripled during the past year.

Beginning immediately, Consolidated will be implementing an $8.00 charge per 2X4 that must go out on deliveries for all roofs pitched at 5/12 and steeper.

Our crews use one 2X4 stud for every 24 bundles of shingles:

1 to 24 bundles – 1 x $8.00 = $ 8.00 plus GST

25 to 48 bundles – 2 x $8.00 = $16.00 plus GST

49 to 72 bundles – 3 x $8.00 = $24.00 plus GST

73 to 96 bundles – 4 x $8.00 = $32.00 plus GST And so on as the bundle count gets higher.


We thank you for your continued support and understanding through these unprecedented times. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your local Consolidated Roofing Representative.