Consolidated Gypsum is a proud Canadian “building supply” company.

In 1977, it consisted of one store selling drywall, batt insulation, framing steel and a few finishing products. The company has grown to encompass five branches in Alberta, and one branch in Saskatchewan. We now sell over 2,500 building products for all your wall, ceiling and roofing needs.


Fourty plus years has earned us a solid reputation for keeping in sync with marketplace growth and demands. Welcoming new talent to our stellar team, larger facilities, new equipment, and increased quality product offerings have been part of our expansion efforts.


We have our own dedicated fleet of trucks and trailers with most of them equipped with specialized equipment, including forklifts, and cranes to get your supplies where you want them, when you need them, safely and efficiently.


Our success comes from a combination of happy customers, great service and a staff that knows the products they sell. So, whether you are a professional builder or a do-it-yourselfer, we are committed to providing you with quality products, competitive prices and the best customer service in the industry!

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Consolidated Gypsum Opens


In 1977 the first Consolidated Gypsum opened its doors in West Edmonton off 149 Street and 128 Avenue.


Edmonton West Relocates


In 1980 Consolidated Gypsum relocates to 170st, with plans for renovation. The Edmonton West branch still operates out of this location to this day.


A Second Edmonton Branch Opens


In 1990 Consolidated Gypsum opens a second branch in Edmonton. This branch is opened on the East side of the city.


Consolidated Gypsum expands to Calgary


On April 1, 1993 Consolidated Gypsum opened the first Calgary branch in the Southside of the city.


A Second branch opens in Calgary


In the summer of 1999 a second branch is opened in Calgary on the North side of the city.


Consolidated Gypsum expands to Red Deer


On November 22, 1999 Consolidated Gypsum opens its first branch in Red Deer.


Edmonton West renovates


The Edmonton West branch undertakes major renovations in 2003 and is complete. The location is home to Consolidated Gypsums head office and the Edmonton West branch.


A new building for Calgary South


The Calgary South branch moves into a larger facility and opens to the public as of July 2003.


A Branch for Saskatoon


In 2008 Consolidated Gypsum opens its first branch in Saskatoon. Then in 2009, the branch is relocated to a newer, larger facility.


A new home for Red Deer


In November of 2020, the Red Deer branch moves to their new location. It is a much larger facility in the North side.


Saskatoon Branch moves


October 28, 2020 Consolidated Gypsums Saskatoon branch moved to a new location.