Freight Policy

Delivery Charges

  • Stucco & Masonry

    Per House or unit

  • Mud & Bead

    Per Order

  • After Hours Delivery

    Please call for quote

  • Small Orders

    Per delivery (Under $1000)

  • False Trips

    Per trip (No access / wrong address)

  • Outside Carriers

    Billed at our cost

    plus 20%
  • Stand-up/Roll-in Elevators

    Base rate plus delivery and fuel surcharge

    $300 +
  • Basement Deliveries

    Base rate plus delivery and fuel surcharge. Carry down / through window

    $300 +
  • Fuel Surcharge




Restocking charge of 15% provided all material is in perfect resalable condition.


Scheduled deliveries can be subject to delays beyond our control, due to weather, mechanical failure, etc. Consolidated Gypsum will not accept charge backs for delays.


Please ensure that job site is accessible to avoid returns. Consolidated Gypsum reserves the right to decline an order if safety is an issue. Delivery is at the sole discretion of our on-site personnel.


It is customer’s responsibility to verify correct delivery address, product, colour and all other prior to installation.


Any claims for shortages or damages must be made to Consolidated Gypsum within 24 hours of delivery.

Residential Rooftop Hoisting

$2.05 per bundle / roll rooftop charge up to 8/12 pitch.


$3 per bundle PLUS a $200 FLAT Delivery Charge & Fuel Surcharge

Delivery Charges

$95 Flat Delivery Charge
$40 Fuel Surcharge
Utility Grade 2 x 4’s – $4 each if required

Ground Drop

$1.30 per bundle plus a $95 Flat Delivery Charge & Fuel Surcharge

Additional Charges

$400 Flat charge for returns, wrong address, no site access and false trips.

Out Of Town Deliveries

Flat Charge All Product
All Products including Drywall & Roofing plus Fuel Surcharge

  • Barrhead          $295
  • Camrose           $300
  • Pigeon Lake     $275
  • Redwater          $155
  • Seba Beach       $180

  • Thorsby           $135
  • Vegreville        $285
  • Westlock         $175
  • Wetaskiwin    $195

All other out of town deliveries – $4 per loaded km truck charge after the first 60 km, plus $95